Tiramisu Cupcakes~!

Tiramisu Cupcake

It’s been AGES. Life has gotten in the way, 2.5 jobs, 2 new puppies, ensuing craziness! But to make it up to you, I made these delicious Tiramisu Cupcakes. And that Spring-y liner is so appropriate for the season, I love it!

Also, here are my new babies. Aren’t they ADORBS?!

Jade and Lexa

Jade and Lexa

We adopted them from the Humane Society right after the New Year, they were about 8 weeks old at the time. Love my puppies!  Even though they still pee and poop in the house D: We’re working on it!

On to the tiramisu cupcakes! I can’t recall when I started loving tiramisu, although I do remember an instance in high school when a classmate brought in a giant tupperware (what’s the non-brand name for that? storage container? that sounds weird…) with like, a VAT of tiramisu inside. I thought it looked like a giant mashed up mess and was totally grossed out :\

Fast-forward a few years to university and I was scarfing down tiramisu like nobody’s business. I had no idea what was in it, but it looked super complicated and intimidating.

For my birthday this year (28! entirely too close to 30) I thought I’d take the leap and finally try to make tiramisu, but then my recipe search popped up Tiramisu Cupcakes by BrownEyedBaker. Who doesn’t love cupcakes? And I am a huge fan of single-serving desserts :)  The recipe looked all kinds of complicated, just as I had feared, but I re-worked the directions a bit to make it easier to follow. I also tweaked the recipe a TEENSY bit, because the first time I made it, the cupcakes were very dense, not fluffy like I had imagined.

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