Simple Sauteed Kale with Garlic

hearty, healthy, delicious

Plated kale with garlic <3

I thought I should start to balance out the rather rich and heavy posts we’ve had thus far– OREO CHEESECAKE COOKIES?!– with something a little healthier. There are many recipes online for sautéed kale, but I didn’t really look at them other than giving a quick glance. One day, my boyfriend and I decided to try cooking our kale the way we’d cook most other Chinese greens like bok choy or chinese broccoli.

Until that point, the only way I’d ever eaten kale was either baked into chips (super tasty), or raw with an amazing nutty (without nuts) garlic dressing massaged into it– mimicking a popular item at the Whole Foods salad bad. Which by the way, is ridiculously overpriced– I only tried it once when my friend bought it!

Anyway, I’m officially in love with this dish. It takes like 10 minutes to do, and it tastes amazing.

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